As the needle bends

A world view thru my hobbit hole door

Happy Groundhog Day

How do you decide where to begin writing in a blog? Like much in my life, on which I blame my propensity for procrastination, there is so much I’d like to do or need to do, so much I’d like to write or comment upon, and such a limited amount of time that I feel paralyzed by indecisiveness.

Once, a long time ago, a friend of mine laughingly remarked “What do you get a person for Christmas when they need everything?” I laughed at the time but now, some twenty plus years later, I reflect back and don’t think it so funny anymore. It is actually a sad indictment of much of my life. There are so many things in my home which need attention, and so many things I’d love to do, and so many demands on my time that are work related that, often, I don’t know where to begin, so I sit and do nothing.

An even sadder indictment of that inaction is that, true to the meaning of the words of Garth Brooks’ song “If tomorrow never comes,” I understand the fleeting nature of our time on Earth. It is impossible to have buried a spouse and both parents by the time I was 40 and not understand that. And still I sit, wondering where to begin, even while remembering the regrets I had due to not having done ________ or said _______ or completed ________, while ________ was still alive.

 So, I reflect back to the words of a character in a book I read recently. “I reckon you just got to do the next thing and the rest will take care of themselves, or will still be there when you’re done.”

In the light of those words, I reckon I better go start preparing for my commute into the halls of capitalism, but before I go, I must tell my husband how much I love him – just in case. It really doesn’t matter that he’s still asleep and likley won’t hear me, or maybe he will.


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