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Who started the fuss?

When I first read about the Mohammed cartoon fuss, I saw one of the cartoons on LST and assumed, as I assume many others did, that it was a recent event.  I only heard today that the cartoons were published back in SEPTEMBER of 2005. Now, I realize that I was a little distracted with the incredible 6 day slumber party that resulted from Hurricane Rita, but I don’t remember hearing a thing about these cartoons at the time.

How did the row develop?

The cartoons were republished in Austria in January, and then at the beginning of February in a number of European newspapers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Diplomatic protests by governments of Islamic countries started in October 2005, escalating to the closure of embassies.

Boycotts of Danish products and protests across the Islamic world built up in late January and early February. In the Palestinian territories, armed groups have made direct threats against citizens of the countries in which the cartoons were published. There have also been death threats against the artists.

I know that perhaps I am a little bit naive, or perhaps just not very familiar with the ways of the Muslim world, but to me it just seems more than just a little disingenuous for it to take literally 4 months for the uproar to begin, then only a week or two for the flames to be fanned to their current level.  Or maybe it’s just that my distrusting nature (which used to be trusting and naive) believes that someone or some group has fanned these flames quite deliberately. 

Muslim cartoon row timeline
The BBC News website outlines key events in the escalating row over the publication of cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. 2006    

10 February: Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi tells a conference in Kuala Lumpur a huge chasm has opened between the West and Islam, fuelled by Muslim frustrations over Western foreign policy. Thousands outside protest over the cartoons.

9 February: Hundreds of thousands of Shia Muslims in Lebanon turn a religious ceremony into a protest over the cartoons.

8 February: French magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes the cartoons along with other caricatures. French President Jacques Chirac condemns decisions to reprint the cartoons as “overt provocation”.

7 February: Several hundred Iranians attack the Danish embassy in Tehran as the country announces it is cutting all trade ties with Denmark.

6 February: Protests claim lives – at least five people are killed in Afghanistan, and a teenage boy dies after protesters attack police in Somalia.

5 February: Lebanese demonstrators set the Danish embassy in Beirut on fire. Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh resigns over the violent protests.

4 February: Syrians attack Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus, prompting UN chief Kofi Annan to call for calm.

2 February: The editor of the French newspaper France Soir is sacked for printing the cartoons.

1 February: Papers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain reprint the caricatures, defying Muslim outrage.

31 January: The Danish paper apologises. The Danish prime minister welcomes the apology but defends the freedom of the press.

30 January: Gunmen raid the EU’s offices in Gaza, demanding an apology over the cartoons.

26 January: Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador to Denmark, while Libya says it is closing its embassy in Copenhagen.

10 January: A Norwegian newspaper reprints the cartoons.


20 October: Ambassadors from 10 Islamic countries complain to the Danish prime minister about the cartoons.

17 October 2005: Egyptian newspaper al-Fagr reprints some of the cartoons, describing them as a “continuing insult” and a “racist bomb”.

30 September: A series of cartoons, some depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist, are published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Maybe I would just as soon remain naive.


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