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Happy Birthday, Margie

Some days, I find it much easier to just sit and do nothing than decide where to start with the “doing.” But while I’m sitting and doing nothing on the outside, I’m thinking on the inside, of all the things I should be doing… and making excuses for not doing any of them.  Then I remember my friend, Margie.

I ‘met’ Margie shortly before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That link made her closer to me somehow, as my mother was a breast cancer survivor for over 36 years. These women somehow face (or faced) each day as a challenge to be overcome, or as a microcosm of life to be savored. There is so much I should learn from them. Instead of being paralyzed by the mass of “things I need to do,” I should choose one and savor the doing.

For all the time that I’ve known Margie, she has inspired me inside, while life has me in  ‘tred-water’ mode. I have not faced the beast that is cancer, and Margie has – twice. She has been through a mastectomy, not once but twice. I can’t even manage to “get with it” enough to schedule my mammogram. My prayers are that her latest fight with the beast is done, and she will continue to inspire me many many more days. My prayer is that I will learn from her to ‘just do it,” whatever the next ‘it’ is. My prayer is that I will learn to be productive, not paralyzed.

My prayer is that Margie will know how much she inspires me and how much I pray that the post-op pain from her second mastectomy will end soon, and her life will “get back to normal,” continuing one day at a time, one quilt at a time. My prayer is that she has a most marvelous birthday, and I will be doing SOMETHING on her birthday that will prove I am learning.

My Little Margie

Happy Birthday, my little Margie.




February 12, 2006 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings

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