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Smoking Cannons

Will there ever be a break down of the left-leaning MSM, to admit that there was a legitimate reason for going into Iraq that did include real fear of Saddam reconstituting his WMD program? Deep inside me flickers a hope that this will, someday, occur; but the part of me that views constant rhetoric such as the “Bush lied, people died” garbage sincerely doubts it.

The tape recordings of Saddam discussing WMDs are said by Ryan Mauro of to be a “smoking cannon.” If all of this information proves out, the left in the US and UK are going to face an enormous embarassment and loss of credibility. As usual, it will take some time for the new information to travel from the blogosphere to the alternative media, and finally into the so-called mainstream media. Even then, the Bush haters will not concede that Saddam was a threat to the US.

This morning, while prying my eyes open with a steaming cup of New England’s finest coffee, my ears caught a breaking news update on “The War on Terror” on Fox and Friends Weekend edition. The part that seeped through to my chilled brain consisted of ‘analysis of tapes show that Russia and Brazil assisted Saddam in moving his WMDs  to 4 specific locations – 3 in Syria and a fourth in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.’ That really woke me up, and I sat riveted to the TV for a good long time, never to hear or see any additional information about this story. So, in my ever-increasingly caffeine laden state, I went on an Internet hunt to see what I, a non-skilled net-news detective could find.
I decided this reference must’ve been to a non-profit, non-partisan conference scheduled for this weekend in Arlington, Virginia, by John Loftus’s organization, The Intelligence Summit.  I will admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by the PowerPoint presentation I found on the Intelligence Summit’s website.  
Admittedly, there are parts of the the PP presentation which contains excerpts from the tape transcripts that leave big question marks in my mind, but I know every PP presentation I’ve ever scripted was meant to hit the high-points, not fill in every single blank. Otherwise, they would be stand-alone presentations, and I wouldn’t need my business attire – I could sit here at home, in my sweats and sneakers, and write powerpoint presentations then email them to my boss. But I digress. 

Chilled by more than the frigid temperatures here in Southeast Texas, I read on. Website to website.  

Al-Safir: A Fourth Location for the Iraqi WMDs? 

Their winning may well be their undoing

In recent days, General Georges Sada, the #2 man in Saddam Hussein’s Air Force, came forward describing the movement of WMDs to Syria using two converted civilian aircraft in 56 flights. The transportation, which also included a ground shipment, was done under the guise of humanitarian aid after a dam collapsed in Syria in June of 2002. This supports a main thesis of my book, Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq.

Russia Hid Saddam’s WMDs
By Ion Mihai Pacepa
Washington Times | October 2, 2003 

On March 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the U.S.-led “aggression” against Iraq as “unwarranted” and “unjustifiable.” Three days later, Pravda said that an anonymous Russian “military expert” was predicting that the United States would fabricate finding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov immediately started plying the idea abroad, and it has taken hold around the world ever since. 

An excerpt from an interview with Ryan Mauro found at FrontPage magazine:

FP: Your book also shows how Saddam moved his WMDs into other countries. Can you give us a summary of the evidence?
Mauro: Saddam passed his WMDs into other countries long before Operation Iraqi Freedom began. Iraq’s WMDs have long been, all the way back to the 1990s, connected to other state’s WMD programs. By the late 1990s, a great part of Iraq’s nuclear program was based in Libya as a joint project. Iraqi WMD would be routinely moved in and out of Syria to avoid inspections.
So the fact that Syrian defectors, Iraqi scientists and foreign intelligence sources indicate the WMD was moved to Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Iran is not surprising at all. American satellites saw traffic moving from Iraq into Syria between January 2003 and the war’s beginning, and at this time the Iraqi border guards were replaced with Iraqi intelligence. Iran has even taken in some Iraqi chemical and biological weapons equipment, just like they took in Iraqi aircraft in 1991.  
I detail in my book how this was not some change in policy by Iraq, it was simply an expansion of previous cooperation. UN inspectors even confirmed in the 1990s this was going on. Iraqi WMD expertise has been confirmed to be in other countries as well (and Duelfer confirmed that Qusay Hussein prepared for such expertise to go to Syria). This is not at odds with Duelfer or Kay, who both confirmed there were reports of WMD going to Syria and that trucks full of “Iraqi equipment” went to Syria but we don’t know the contents. Duelfer even said there was evidence Syria offered to harbor Iraqi WMD, but he couldn’t confirm that they did in fact do that because the insurgency stopped his team from completing the investigation. 

I didn’t need much more coffee to wake me up.   Even as beffudled as I was when I started reading, I have pain in my heart and my head when I think of the people who seriously believe that Saddam did NOT have any WMDs. I suppose if they were honest with themselves, they might more accurately state that he did, but became wiley enough  begin housing them outside Iraq. 

As I said, I am not a net-news detective, so I’ll just post the links, and let you make up your mind for yourself. After all, that is what I started this entry hoping for – that ‘sheeple’ would open their eyes and make up their own minds, rather than following blindly. 
















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