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More rumblings in the Middle East

It's nice to see that our "friends" near the Middle East are standing behind us. The Jerusalem Post reports: 

Turkey does not intend to allow the United States to launch an attack against Iran from the Inchirlik military base, Turkish news agencies reported Sunday.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told the Dubai-based al-Bayan that he doubted the US would ultimately choose to take military action, as "Iran has its own strategic advantages."

Gul said that facilitating an attack against a neighboring country was "not an option," despite the US offer to build Turkey a nuclear reactor as a counterbalance to Iran's expanding nuclear facilities.

This comes on the heels of Thursday's remarks by Iran's clerical Top Gun, I mean Supreme Leader Ayatolla Ali Khamenei, that any actions taken against Iran would be met with "double the intensity":

Iran threatened on Wednesday it would harm American interests anywhere in the world if the United States launches an attack on the Islamic Republic. The remarks by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were reported by state television.

"The Americans should know that if they attack Iran their interests will be harmed anywhere in the world that is possible," Khamenei was quoted as saying by a television announcer.  "The Iranian nation will respond to any blow with double the intensity," he added.

In the same article, President Unpronouncable beat his chest verbally about the rights of Iran, and how they had developed their nuclear program "on our own – no one gave this to us."

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it was the country's right to develop nuclear technologies. "Access to nuclear technology is a right of the Iranian nation," he said, according to IRNA

"We have worked to obtain nuclear knowhow by ourselves. No one gave it to us so that we can say we have now received it. States which have opposed Iran's nuclear program accept this as a fact but want to obtain concessions from Iran through a psychological war," the president concluded.

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Hmmmmmmm….. Sounds like Turkey doesn't want anyone to be able to accuse them of having nuclear technology "given" to them. Although, I remain clueless as to why the American people would seek to stop other countries from developing nuclear technology on their own, then try to "bribe" an ally with a nuclear bone.

But seemingly, I am unable to escape from the recurring theme in the news coming out of Iran – that they will meet any action with 'same to you, but more of it' treatment:

Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi nevertheless warned that any step towards sanctions would meet with tough retaliation from the Islamic republic, which is supected of using an atomic energy drive as a cover for weapons development.

"We have said that we are ready to solve the questions through dialogue. If the IAEA and the Security Council commit for the case to remain at the IAEA, we are ready for maximum cooperation," Asefi told reporters Sunday.

"But if they take radical measures, we will take measures as a consequence. If their decisions are reasonable, ours will be too. If their decisions are radical, ours will be too," he warned.

For some reason, the term "radical" seems much more sinister when uttered in this context.  And it makes me radically uncomfortable, but I am so very relieved to hear Colin Powell, on Fox News, state that he does not believe that we would use nuclear weapons on Iran, since we've made every effort, since WWII, to make sure that no country uses them.

Yes, combine that with the "same to you but more of it" and I feel SOOOOOOO much better. 


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Iran – Scarey Stuff

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading articles all over the Internet which made me reach for the anti-acids because of the developing ‘Cold War’ between the seriously Anti-American government in Iran, and the world. 

There was this reaction to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call for the destruction of Israel, posted in an article from Albawaba:

US President George W. Bush said he would use force if necessary to defend Israel from Iran. “I made it clear, and I’ll make it clear again, that we will use military might to protect our ally Israel,” said Bush, who was referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call for the destruction of Israel.

Israel is our ally, and all of the end-time prophecies I’ve read, or read about, discuss the situation at the End Times in terms relating to how Israel is treated. A not-so-pretty picture is developing in my mind.

Then there is the continued blathering, dithering, and all of the other uncomplimentary   “-erings” I can think of, within the American political scene. Situations in many areas of concern, primarily in the Middle East, seem in a downward spiral, whilst the folks on “both sides of the aisle” blather, dither, cat-call, name-call, and generally seem to show no concern at all about the situations, at least none that are evidenced in the media in Middle Eastern areas.

Above all, Khamenei believes he has broken the American will, for which he sees two pieces of evidence. The first is that there seems to be very little American resolve to do anything about punishing Iran for the enormous traffic of weapons, poisons, and terrorists into Iraq from Iran. Khamenei must inclined to believe that the Bush administration has no stomach for confrontation.

We have done nothing to make the mullahs’ lives more difficult, even though there is abundant evidence for Iranian involvement in Iraq, most including their relentless efforts to kill American soldiers. The evidence consists of first-hand information, not intelligence reports. Scores of Iranian intelligence officers have been arrested, and some have confessed. Documentary evidence of intimate Iranian involvement with Iraqi terrorists has been found all over Iraq, notably in Fallujah and Hilla. But the “intelligence” folks at the Pentagon, led by the hapless Secretary Stephen Cambone, seem to have no curiosity, as if they were afraid of following the facts to their logical conclusion: Iran is at war with us.

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Daylight Savings Time – a big yawn!

THe origins of Daylight Savings Time were in Europe, during WWI, in an effort to conserve the fuel needed to produce electricity for lights. The history of the move in the US is reported as follows, at

The plan was not formally adopted in the U.S. until 1918. 'An Act to preserve daylight and provide standard time for the United States' was enacted on March 19, 1918. [See law] It both established standard time zones and set summer DST to begin on March 31, 1918. Daylight Saving Time was observed for seven months in 1918 and 1919. After the War ended, the law proved so unpopular (mostly because people rose earlier and went to bed earlier than people do today) that it was repealed in 1919 with a Congressional override of President Wilson's veto.

The next iteration of DST was in WWII, when it was called "War Time," then the most modern was

On January 4, 1974, President Nixon signed into law the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973. Then, beginning on January 6, 1974, implementing the Daylight Saving Time Energy Act, clocks were set ahead for a 15-month period through April 27, 1975.

 Whatever the reason, it sure has gotten my sleep cycle stirred up. And now the kids are waiting for school buses in the dark.

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Happy April Fools’ Day

When I was much younger, April Fools' Day was a time to play tricks on my friends and celebrate my cousin's birthday (Happy Birthday, Danny!) but now it seems to be a time to read articles in the news, shake my head and pray that they are all just jokes. 

Of course, the first joke is that we have to "spring forward" into Daylight Savings Time. Who do "they" think they are fooling? You don't save any daylight by running your clock ahead an hour. You just move it around.  Of all the commodities that the government tries to turn into zero-sum commodities (like prosperity) where the concept that my having more of _ _ _ _ means someone else would, as a result, have less, Daylight is the ONE for which it is true. Yet, the guvment seems to think that they can mandate moving the hands on my clock forward an hour, so that I'm driving home from work in the sunshine, and fool me into believing that there is actually MORE sunshine.

 But I know better. When there is MORE sunshine, I drive to work in the daylight, and drive home in the daylight.  When there is less, I drive to work in the dark, and drive home in the dark.  Yesterday, I left for work in the daylight, and got home in the dark – but Monday… I will leave for work in the dark, and get home in the daylight. Does any of that make any sense????

SIGH…. I suppose I should just pray that daylight in the evenings will make all the 4 gajillion commuters on the Houston area freeways drive safer, til I can escape to rural utopia.

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