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Are Damascus and Tehran stirring the Israeli-Lebanon pot?

According to reports from World Net Daily’s Jerusalem bureau, the Katyusha rockets that were lobbed across Israel’s northern border with Lebanon were “carried out by ’agents’ working on behalf of Syria and Iran, Lebanon’s Druze leader Walid Jumblatt said in an interview .” Reportedly more accurate than the normal Katyusha attacks, these rockets penetrated further into Israeli territory, and an Israeli news reporter speculated “that the accuracy of the attack on the IAF base of the notoriously inaccurate Katyushas could be due to a new satellite-controlled guidance system,” in a Sunday article in the Jerusalem Post. The J-Post article went on:

The clashes followed a surprise launching of at least six Katyusha rockets before dawn at an IAF air traffic control base on Mount Meron. These were the first rockets to hit so deep inside Israel – some 10 kilometers from the border. At least three of the 122mm rockets reportedly fell in a residential area of the base and damaged a building. One soldier was lightly wounded and treated for shock.

In a Monday update to the article,

The IDF Northern Command was maintaining a high level of alert on Monday after the security establishment expressed concern that Hizbullah would renew its rocket attacks on Israel’s northern border. Commander of the Galilee Division Brig.-Gen. Gal Hirsch said Monday that the Katyusha attacks on the northern cities had been planned far in advance – and were not a reaction to the assassination of the Islamic Jihad leader in Sidon last week, Army Radio reported.

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah threatened retaliation for the Israeli airstrikes which followed.

“I can confirm that the north of occupied Palestine is within the range of our missiles,” threatened Nasrallah.

Meanwhile, Iran has equipped Hizbullah guerrillas with long-range rockets capable of hitting southern Israel, the Haaretz newspaper reported Monday. The rockets have a range of about 200 kilometers, or double that of weapons previously in Hizbullah’s arsenal, putting Beersheba within striking range. The rockets are designed to strike general areas, such as towns and cities, and carry a warhead estimated to weigh 600 kilograms, the report said. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Sunday night that Israel would strike back harshly if terrorists in Lebanon continued firing on Israel. “They will receive a clear and harsh response if they do not stop,” Olmert declared, calling the attacks “provocative and dangerous.” He was speaking to reporters in Jerusalem after meeting President Moshe Katsav.

According to the article at World Net Daily, the force behind the Hezbollah/Hizbullah attacks is from Damascus and Tehran. In a deliberate attempt to foment instability in Lebanon, there are reports that

“Agents working for the axis of Tehran and Damascus arranged the rocket volley [against Israel] to create instability in Lebanon and bring conflict to our borders,” Jumblatt told WND. Jumblatt is the head of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party and is largely considered the most prominent anti-Syrian Lebanese politician. He accused Syria and Iran of attempting to draw Israel into military clashes with Lebanon to justify the continued arming of Hezbollah, which a United Nations resolution obliges Lebanon to disarm. “They are trying to prevent the Lebanese army from implementing authority in [areas controlled by Hezbollah.] Also Syria has an economic goal in that it wants to stop investments into Lebanon by making our country unstable,” said Jumblatt.

An apparently uneasy "truce was reached after Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora held contacts with U.N. officials, Hezbollah and the U.S., French and Russian ambassadors to Lebanon."

So, Israel is calling for Lebanon to disarm Hizbullah:

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson yesterday told WND Israel would present a complaint against Lebanon to the U.N. Security Council, urging it to implement Resolution 1559, which calls for the disarmament of all armed Lebanese militias, including Palestinian groups and Hezbollah.

while the head of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party is making claims that Iran and Syria are the ones who are providing the arms, and stirring the pot.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Israel could not ignore Katyusha fire on its territory, and stated he holds the Lebanese government responsible for attacks the originate from its country. Peretz called on Lebanon to deploy its army in areas controlled by Hezbollah. But Jumblatt said the pressure needs to be applied to Syria and Iran. “These armed groups are out of control. They are taking orders from Syria and the Tehran government,” said Jumblatt. The Lebanese government has recently proposed incorporating Hezbollah into its army. Some Lebanese politicians have demanded Hezbollah disarm entirely. But little progress has been made on enforcing an arms ban on the terror group.

Regardless of the origin of the weapons and orders, that the terror groups seem to be succeeding in continued destabilization in the area, while Iran is now reporting that they have been dabbling in nuclear fusion research for the past five years, makes me very uneasy.  Add that to this report on Asharq Alawasat, that “Iraq Poised to Become Main Iranian Ally” and I have yet another major Maalox moment.

As The Needle Bends

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May 29, 2006 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings


  1. This is spooky.

    Destabilizing is for sure. They could be prodding Israel trying to get them to break out.
    They could be doing this to put pressure on Lebonon to get back in line and pressure on Syria to stay tight.

    The grandiatolla has everybody in the region looking over his shoulder at everybody else and letting everyone know he’s paying for the show at the same time.

    Comment by NAT PIERCE | May 30, 2006 | Reply

  2. Peace does not suit everybody. mick

    Comment by rockwatching | May 31, 2006 | Reply

  3. How Rude the Marines
    Marines have been watching the villager children count their vehicles as they drive by. They have seen these same kids before. They have seen these same mothers instructing these kids.
    These innocent children/ scouts/ lookouts/ advance-men/ shields.
    Innocent wives giving sustenance to their terrorist husbands and brothers. “How did it go today dear?”
    A bomb goes off beneath a humvee, it splits the driver in half long ways and blows his buddy off the vehicle.
    The Marines are under attack they counter, protecting their wounded and advancing toward the attackers killing all perceived to be aggressors.
    How rude of them to go off on those poor innocent muslims in Haditha.
    These innocents do have a champion.
    John Murtha and the Murthaites.
    These people and their PC crowd tell us what is right, what is good, what is fair in this war and life and if we go too far they wring their hands and scream “Bloody Murder” far and wide. They will debate you every bullet you fire every decision you take. Suck thought from your brain and the life from your soul.
    Debating with Murthaites sanctifies their position. These mind vacuums cannot be validated.
    It is time for those who think America is right, those who think Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and all who would attack America or an American wrong to stand and not accept the Politically Correct interpretation of war.
    We are at war and it is time to wage war the old fashioned way. We killed more children more women more Christians more old people in one nights’ bombing of Germany than we have yet to do in Iran.
    War is conquering another nation. A conquered nation is a nation beaten to submission. No touchy feely about it. Submit or die.
    When America comes to this true reality. A reality proved by all the history of war. We will win

    “..they [politicians] have us in a cage… [they] need to turn us loose so we can get the job done.”
    _ _ _ _ _ Lt.Col. Luke Fitzpatrick

    Comment by NAT PIERCE | June 2, 2006 | Reply

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