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A politician by any other name….

When I arise early enough, I spend my morning coffee time in a quilting chatroom with chatters from many parts of the US and, indeed, the world.

This morning, while enjoying my first cup there, several of us realized we were all watching Fox and Friends, when another lady from Texas commented on a story about a cat treeing a bear for 2 days. Lots of laughter at the relatively small kitty pictured at the bottom of a very tall tree, with a rather large bear perched somewhat precariously, near the top. Then Fox and Friends turned their attention to politics – to be more specific, Texas Gubernatorial politics.

Imagine my dismay when this lovely group of quilting friends began to share comments about Carol Keeton Many-Names, and her attempts to justify having her name listed on the ballot as Grandma. As I recall, the group in the chatroom was made up of a lady from Spain, one from Australia, one from Indiana, one from Wyoming, and 2 Texans in addition to myself. The other ladies asked who this “Grandma” person was, and why in the world she’d be asking to have herself listed on the ballot as “Grandma.” In almost simultaneous posts, one Texan posted something to the effect that Texas politics is “REALLY a mess right now,” while I posted that Carol Keeton Many-Names is running for governor and is afraid that her multiple changes of last names will confuse the poor dim-witted voters. At that moment, “Grandma” was stating that she had married her childhood sweetheart about 2 years ago, so has only been Mrs. Strayhorn for a short time but has been known as “Grandma” for at least 11 years. (Mind you, this is the candidate who christened herself “One Tough Grandma” in a successful campaign for Texas Comptroller, who is also the mother of former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan.) Once again, in almost simultaneous posts, the other Texan in the room said “What high school sweetheart? I went to high school (Austin High School, Austin, TX) with her and she didn’t date then – all I remember her doing is playing tennis!,” while a very succinct chatter from Arkansas said, “I don’t know who she is or what she’s running for, but she sure can talk a lot.”

Thank God, my friends from Spain and Australia were gone before the conversation turned to "Kinky" Friedman, another of the Gubernatorial Wannabees.

As The Needle Bends

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June 10, 2006 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings

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