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More Nuclear Iranian “Good News”

Pardon me whilst I remove my tongue from my cheek, after writing that headline.  The news has been swirling all weekend about Iran and their reaction to the World Cup, Mexico’s win over Iran in the World Cup, and riots breaking out when Islamic Fundamentalists were banned from showing poor Iran’s World Cup  matches. Meanwhile I’ve been reading what little news has been available about developments on the nuclear front in Iran, instead of soccer stuff, that I don’t understand anyway.  There was news in several places on Sunday about why and how badly the United Nations want to question A.Q. Khan, “father of the Islamic (Nuclear) Bomb,” such as this report, found at GulfNews:

General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, is resisting access by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials.

It is believed that this is because Dr Khan, 71, who is revered by Pakistanis as "the father of the Islamic bomb", could reveal embarrassing details about the role of senior military and government figures in his renegade nuclear network.

Imagine my surprise (not) when I turned on the TV this a.m. to hear this:

Fresh evidence has emerged that Iran is working on a secret military project to develop nuclear weapons that has not been declared to United Nations inspectors responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear programme.

Nuclear experts working for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna are pressing the Iranians to make a full disclosure about a network of research laboratories at a secret military base outside the capital Teheran.

The project is codenamed Zirzamin 27, and its purpose is to enable the Iranians to undertake uranium enrichment to military standards. Zirzamin means “basement” in Farsi, which suggests the laboratories are underground and 27 refers to the 27-year-old Iranian revolution.

I am absolutely aghast that President Ahmadinejad would lead the world on with hints that he would consider accepting Western offers of nuclear and non-nuclear goodie baskets in return for stopping the nuclear weapons research he still denies is occurring, all the while ordering the movement of this supersecretcodeworddoublepinkylink nuclear research facility, in order to fool the stumbling boobs that he obviously believes us to be.

As The Needle Bends

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