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Celebrate Our Country’s Independence Day By Remembering Those Who Fight To Keep Us Free!



the United States of America!!!!!!


Please click here to enjoy a wonderful tribute to our precious America

One Nation Under God,


With Liberty and Justice

FOR ALL!!!!!

Soldiers Celebrate Fourth

of July as

New U.S. Citizens

BAGRAM, Afghanistan

They were soldiers from 21 different countries. But at the end of a short ceremony Tuesday at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, they pledged allegiance to only one: America. Raising their right hands, 26 young soldiers took an oath and became new American citizens during a naturalization ceremony held at the main U.S. military base north of Kabul. “It is so fitting that today on the Fourth of July, when we celebrate our nation’s birthday, that we would take the time … and have 26 fellow soldiers join us as fellow American soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, the U.S. operational commander in Afghanistan, who attended the ceremony.

About 7,000 soldiers have become citizens under the fast-track program, according to the immigration service.

On this day, there were soldiers from countries across the globe – Mexico, Kenya, Zambia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Kenya, Zambia, and even Afghanistan.

Specialist Ahmad John, 27, originally from Kabul but now hailing from Los Angeles, California, said he has been dreaming of this day for years.

"I feel great. I will be an American citizen. Since I was 10 years old, I had a dream that one day in America, I would be a citizen," he said.

John, a military linguist who speaks Dari, Pashto and Arabic, said he believes his skills are serving two nations.

"I’m a citizen of America but I’m Afghanistan-born. I come back and I serve my motherland country and protect my homeland," he said.

What a wonderful birthday present this is for our country. Congratulations, my new fellow Americans. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

As The Needle Bends

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