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Trajectory of Taepodong II missile indicates it was aimed at/near Hawaii

An article in the Jerusalem Post states that Japanese and US officials, after studying the data from the long range missile launch on July 4, US time, conclude that the missile was aimed towards the 50th state, Hawaii. 

North Korea targeted waters near Hawaii when it fired a long-range missile this week, a Japanese newspaper reported Friday.

The long-range Taepodong-2 was part of a barrage of seven missiles test-fired by North Korea on Wednesday. They all fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan, but South Korean officials said the long-range missile had malfunctioned, suggesting it was intended for a more remote target.

Japan’s conservative mainstream daily Sankei said that Japanese and US defense officials have concluded that the Taepodong-2 had been targeted US state of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, after analyzing data collected from their intelligence equipment.

The newspaper quoted unidentified Japanese and US government officials.

For several days, before the North Koreans actually lit the candle, it was widely reported that NORAD, and other military analysts, would be able to judge almost immediately, from the trajectory, where the missile was aimed. I suppose this was slowed down a bit when the missile failed some 40 seconds into flight. Now I suppose there will be even more speculation why the area near Hawaii was the chosen target, if indeed this was the case. I muddled through a bit of the translated article from Sankei, linked above, and they are guessing that it’s because of the US Pacific Fleet headquartering there, or perhaps just to send a message that parts of the US could be within range of their mischief. But who said that Kim Jung Il needs a logical reason. Perhaps he’d been watching on CNN that Americans were reporting that, if our analysis of the missile’s range were correct, Alaska could be a target, and just wanted to do something different.

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July 6, 2006 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings

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  1. The Confederation of Dogs
    The eastern countries are at war with the US.
    They are a confederation of delusional tyrants and malcontents. Their strategy could be called “pack of dogs” strategy. They will bite and tear at the edges of US until bleeding and distracted we can be brought down. China and Russia are the “handlers” of these “dogs”. Complicit in this tragedy are the foot draggers and prattlers here at home.
    Different countries of the confederation have different tactics and appear self guided but are fed and handled by the major countries, the “handlers”.
    The terrorists, proxies of many confederation members like Iran and Syria and Pakistan, are expendable. They take a big bite, the towers, and we go after them. While we are chasing them Iran runs in and takes a bite and makes a big clatter, we look toward Iran but he has already made a shipment to Afghanistan. While we are watching those two Lil Kim starts clattering and shoots off some bottle rockets, more bites from another direction.
    China, at little monetary (they have been supporting NoKo all along) or political expense (no boycotts of Chinese like we did the French) grows more prosperous selling manufactured goods.
    China grows so prosperous that they buy Russian arms and expertise. The hungry Russians have no incentive to stop the action and China leap frogs the learning curve profiting from the knowledge of the Russians.
    Meanwhile the terrorists little brothers are making clatter and attacking our little brother Israel and the “world” prattles about the “monster” Jew, who lives on a daily diet of shrapnel, attacking the cockroaches of Jordan known as victim Palestinians. This plays like “the foggy bog” of some Victorian novel.
    South Korea being a large contributor of goods to NoKos, to keep illegals from coming south, allows Lil Kim to be less concerned with food gathering and more able to study rocket science, is not taking a dominant influential position therefore tacitly encourages the actor.
    Pakistan and Iran are also China’s proxies and Russia’s customer. China supply’s them with enough technology and Russia sells enough material to make small progressive steps forcing us into a defensive mode on another front, dividing us more.
    Egypt and Turkey do the same with their allies, no discouragement and subtle help.
    Saudi Arabia and Qatar and their kin are in the play but it’s difficult to nail; they have more to loose and less to win than the other players. Better to ride the fence or play both ends against the middle.
    Syria is another story, it is treading water being a major terror supplier and implosion.
    Russia is content to be China’s client manufacturer and China is content to let North Korea be it’s proxy just as it was with Viet Nam. China’s way is never direct it lets a proxy spar so it can continue it’s trade war with us. China does not want a physical confrontation with us, it doesn’t do that, it wants to own us. To China all the middle eastern peoples are pieces in their game. Iran for example: The US may take it out or it may grow to be a bother to China, if it becomes a bother, China will have no restraint. Either way it is a piece on the board to be taken advantage of. Just as in Viet Nam, China has unity of purpose while this nation allows treasonous and anarchist people to roam free.
    The foot draggers and the prattlers, accomplices of failure, are hard at work over here.
    The Murthaites, appeaser/pacifists and political avaricious nihilists tear at our soul, distract US from unity, and lower our self-defense.
    We fight a physical war with their proxy and a trade war with them. They divide us while they unify and grow stronger. We spend treasure fighting their proxies and they grow richer selling their goods. We spend our souls allowing US pacifist / appeasers to diminish us and they are fortified and hardened by our discord.
    America will defeat this confederation but not until, as successful war presidents have shown, vital information is controlled, and it is understood that those who do not speak for America speak against it and are dealt with appropriately. This Nation will then come together and go forward.

    Comment by NAT PIERCE | July 7, 2006 | Reply

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