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Thanks Hugo but did we really need Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere?

When I clicked over to Northeast Intelligence Network, this really grabbed my attention:

Special Report : Hugo Chavez, Hezbollah and Holy War (World War)

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Senior Analyst. Military Affairs

3 September 2006: America, we have another problem. In fact the entire Western Hemisphere has a problem. This problem is well-known inside the Washington DC beltway, and other national capitals, but overt action against it is not apparent – at least not yet. Maybe we can stimulate action to solve this problem, but more on that later. Our problem is Hugo Chavez and his Venezuelan regime of virulent Anti-American, pro-communist, anti-Semitic and islamofascist hate-mongers. This problem now includes, at Hugo Chavez’ personal invitation, the introduction of Hezbollah islamofascist conversion cadres into a specific region of Venezuela.

There have been many stories to which my attention was first drawn by Mr. Osborne, and NEIN, and many of them have curled my hair. This one, on the other hand, practically made it stand on end. Not only is Sean’s article well worth a read in it’s entirety but don’t skip the links he provides, and the links those provide.

As you may have read in other entries here on my blog, I am well aware that (perhaps thousands) Hezbollah operatives are already here inside the USA; but at least they are not operating out in the open in remote areas populated largely with uneducated people. But that is not the case in Venezuela.  According to sources quoted at Gateway Pundit, they are active both inside portions of Venezuela, and on the internet. I don’t know why I was surprised to read about a Hezbollah “group” at, much like the quilting groups to which I belong at, but I surely was.

My reading through the links provided by Sean Osborne, and Gateway Pundit, lead me to this site where I read an article by Gustavo Coronel and containing many interesting things about Venezuela. Among those were this description of the activities of Autonomia Islamica Wayuu:

On the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula, a territory shared with Colombia, the members of the tribe of the Wayuu walk across political boundaries without restrain. They were there before Venezuela and Colombia existed and they think of themselves as a nation. Recently a disturbing group has appeared, as alien visitors, in their desert landscape: Hezbollah. The Islamic fanatics of Hezbollah are rapidly infiltrating the tribe of the Wayuu. They are indoctrinating the members of this tribe, to convert them into Islamic fanatics in charge of disseminating the terrorist message that has already created chaos, death and misery in the Middle East. The Hezbollah group invading Venezuela is doing its work openly in the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula. They are disseminating, via Internet, a strategy “to change Venezuela,” including:

  • Total destruction “of the sex industry” (whatever that means),
  • Attacking the upper classes, “who are the most corrupt,” all white-collar criminals and continuing the cleaning downwards,
  • Attacking corruption in government (not such a bad idea) and in the masses, both civilians and military,
  • Attacking false idols and satanic cults, as defined by them.

The logo adorning the main page and document is an AK-47 rifle. The propaganda appearing on the Web presence of the Venezuelan subsidiary of Hezbollah talks about installing the kingdom of God in Venezuela by imposing a military-theocratic type of government, an explosive mixture similar to what already exists in Iran. It claims: "The brief enjoyment of life on earth is selfish. The other life is better for those who follow Allah." Where have we heard this before? In the leaflets that encourage the suicide missions of children and teenagers in Palestine.

So, much like the fanatics who prey on the poor, the undereducated, and the youth without hope here in the United States, these fanatics are instilling hope of power, fame and 72 virgins, in those who are vulnerable in this area. And the reason it seems to be condoned by Hugo Chavez would be what? I’ll let the words of Mr. Coronel explain:

Chávez has been under estimated for some time now. He is generally perceived as an uncultured clown, as a person with unrealistic dreams of grandeur and as a wasteful political leader with an obsolete ideology. This is all true but Hugo Chávez is also a very dangerous man, with a big bag of money and a deep inferiority complex rooted in social and racial components. I think he is willing to do anything to leave an imprint in history, no matter what, how or when. This is a scenario that has to be taken into account if very unpleasant surprises for the national security of the Western Hemisphere are to be avoided.[…]

In order to do this he is conducting a three-pronged strategy: (1), one, rather orthodox, which consists in buying weapons, some US$5 billion worth, from Russia, Spain and Belarus: multi-role fighter aircraft, helicopter gunships, assault rifles and more from Russia; corvettes and patrol boats from Spain; and Russian anti-aircraft missile systems from Belarus in order to dissuade U.S. military action. (2), an oil-oriented strategy, basically designed to threaten the U.S. with less petroleum supplies.

It is, however, the third prong of his strategy which made my hair stand on end. And it is this prong which involves his new best buddies in Iran and North Korea:

There is a third strategy being pursued by Chávez that could become the most dangerous in this respect. It has to do with the possible acquisition of weapons of mass destruction from North Korea and the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons from Iran and other weapons from Syria. Chávez and his deputies have visited Iran numerous times during the last seven years. He has explicitly formed a political alliance with Ahmadinejad. During his last visit he asked for God to “send bolts of lighting . . . upon the monsters,” ending this request by saying: “Inshallah,” (ojalá in Spanish, God willing in English). Of course, in Chávez’s mind these bolts would be missiles or, even worse, nuclear bombs.

Of course, many pundits inside the beltway say that it’s several years until Ahmadinejad gets "the bomb," but that doesn’t mean that their other buddy, Kim Jung Il, won’t share his toys with his new-found friends who happen to have play-houses much closer to the "American Bullies." That’s what really made my hair stand on end. And I pray that it has gotten more attention from those inside the Beltway than they are letting on.

September 4, 2006    UPDATED

After receiving a link to a follow up piece at Gustavo Colonel’s site on Venezuela Today, I decided to share this snippet, while encouraging you to read the whole article, which is full of insights to both Hezbollah, and the climate in Venezuela which may have fostered this development. It would appear that the Hezzies are not limited to the Guajira Peninsula of Venezuela; but, were already in several other countries in South America:

Being the advocates of an Islamic theocratic-military type of government, why should Hezbollah extend its tentacles into countries that possess a totally different cultural and religious environment? They have emerged in Argentina, in the area between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, in Ecuador, in Panama and, more recently, in Venezuela. Published reports (“Radical Islam in Latin America,” by Chris Zambelis, in Global Terrorism Analysis, Volume 3, #23, December 2, 2005 and “Hezbollah: A Case Study of Global Reach,” a lecture by Matthew Levitt at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, September 8, 2003) suggest that they have been behind terrorist acts in Argentina and have actively promoted the infiltration of Islamic fanatics into the U.S. Martin Arostegui, a free-lance writer, reported in 2002 that two Lebanese residents of Margarita Island, in Venezuela, traveled to Lebanon that year with $400,000 for Hezbollah. Arostegui gives both their names and identity card numbers, as well as the name of the bank where they withdrew the money (“Chávez Plans for Terrorist Regime,” Insight Magazine, December 24, 2002).

Additionally, it would appear that this may be a jumping off point for entering the US.

Barbara Newman, interviewed on NRO, National Review Online, in March 2005, affirmed that Hezbollah members were entering the U.S. illegally, with phony papers that could be bought for $300 in Margarita Island, Venezuela. The island of Margarita has been, for many years, a place with an important Lebanese community. Much of this community is peaceful and hard working but, apparently, some members have been persuaded to become activists for Hezbollah.

Especially, in light of the recent events in Lebanon, Ms. Newman’s article from March 2005 is an interesting read, as are all the articles linked in Gustavo Colonel’s piece. The developments, and mentalities painted in these articles does nothing to lessen my anxiety about these developments, but at least it does help "know your enemy."

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