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Hezbollah – Not Your Father’s Terrorist Organization

Hezb’allah is not your father’s terrorist organization. This is not a group of loosely affiliated cells of would-be hijackers or suicide bombers. Hezb’allah is a terrorist army, trained like an army, organized like an army, funded and equipped like an army, with one glaring difference. The main use of its arsenal was terror aimed at Israel’s civilian population while hiding behind Lebanon’s civilian population. Its intent was to cause maximum civilian casualties among both. This was not by accident. This was by design.

The above description in a piece at by Dan Gordon, a reservist Captain in the IDF, who functioned as an officer in the Military Spokesperson’s Unit in the recent war in Lebanon, caught my eye. Later in the article, he says:

It is not a coincidence that Hezb’allah launched its totally unprovoked attack across Israel’s internationally recognized border, killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers and dragging Lebanon and Israel into a war which neither one wanted at exactly the moment when the international community had issued its ultimatum to Iran. That ultimatum was: “Cease your efforts to develop nuclear weapons or face the sanctions of the International Community.” Iran’s response was Hezb’allah’s war.

The timing of the aggravating kidnappings did seem a little suspect to me; but what do I know. I do know that the conflict that ensued, which Israel could not avoid and maintain any semblance of safety for its citizens, placed them in a lose-lose situation, which Mr Gordon goes on to describe:

There was one other indispensable element to the war plan: the centering of the offensive capability against Israel’s civilian population within Lebanon’s civilian population. Much has been made in the Western press of Hezb’allah’s benign social services function in Lebanon, of the hospitals and schools it has built.

Almost no notice, however, has been paid to the large numbers of these hospitals and schools which were built over its military bunkers and rocket launching sites. This was perhaps both the most cynical and barbaric disregard for innocent civilian lives of all of Hezb’allah’s and Iran’s strategic choices. It was also the most successful.

The decision was predicated not on its knowledge of its enemy (Israel) but its true genius lay in its knowledge of the press. The calculus was simple: launch a rocket from within a civilian population; if you kill Jews that’s a victory. If the Jews hit back and in so doing kill Lebanese civilians, that’s a victory. If they don’t hit back because they’re afraid to hit civilians, that’s a victory. Now repeat the process until you kill so many Jews they have to hit back and in so doing kill more Lebanese civilians. That’s the ultimate victory, because they know that in striking just those chords exactly what music the press will play.

Mr. Gordon points out that Israel accomplished it’s exact mission in the conflict:

The sentence defining the IDF’s mission read as follows:

“To bring about the conditions on the ground which will enable the International Community and the government of Lebanon to live up to their obligations under U.N. resolution 1559, to end the rocket attacks against Israel’s civilian population in the North and to bring about the release of Israel’s kidnapped soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regeve.”

That was the IDF’s stated mission and that is exactly what it did.

The most chilling portion of Mr. Gordon’s article is the ending, which brings home the dangers of Hezbollah to those of us on this side of the Atlantic:

This situation, however, is not just Israel’s problem. We are but the Little Satan. America and the West to the Islamofascists are the great Satan. It would be a simple matter indeed for Iran, in flexing its muscles against America, to dispatch Hezb’allah terrorists to Northern Mexico. There, equipped with little more than the very same rockets used to target Haifa, Hezb’allah could target Los Angeles. Now picture that scenario with even a modest nuclear payload. It would no longer be a question of how we stop terrorists from getting into the United States. With the same rocketry they used against Israeli citizens, Iran’s terrorist army would only need to get into Northern Mexico in order to hit America’s second largest city with a nuclear device. What then would America do? Invade Mexico?

If through appeasement the West fails to take action to prevent the conflagration which looms on the horizon, then let there be no doubt that its flames will engulf us all. For its part, this time Israel must be ready, and it must entrust its fate into no one’s hands but its own.

Which begs the question: In whose hands is the United States of America entrusting its fate? In today’s climate of the blame game being played inside Washington D.C.’s beltway, I am almost afraid of what the answer would be.

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September 4, 2006 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings

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  1. In whose hands is the United States of America entrusting its fate?

    The fate of the United States is in the hands of “We the People” and that can be pretty scary. Tuned in to CBS to watch a favorite guest and got a dose of broadcast news, if Joseph Bluecollar comes home from work and watches something like that and thinks he has been informed “We the People” don’t have a chance.

    I was looking forward to a forthright presentation in
    “Path to 9/11”.
    Thanks to ABC’s shameful submission to bullying revisionists I will not view it.

    Terrorists are trying to
    kill us.

    Never forget.

    Comment by NAT PIERCE | September 7, 2006 | Reply

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