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I’ll not let Aljazeera speak for ME!

I have reconsidered my vacation from blogging, and decided that I refuse to let Aljazeera and other Middle Eastern “news” sources speak for me. The only thing I wish to do with knitting needles at this time is skewer some of those on the news, so I’d imagine I had better pack them away, for fear of making inadvertent terroristic threats involving knitting needles. So I will have to comment on some of the more inane/insane things I’m reading about the results of the midterm elections and their effects on the world, and on MY country. Let me address the more insane things I’ve read/heard in no particular order – more likely, the order in which I found some of them this morning. Perhaps I will address them in separate posts – it depends on how long this gets to be.

First: John Bolton – Evidently, President Bush irritated some on the Left (I can’t bring myself to say in the Leadership just yet) by re-nominating John Bolton as envoy to the United Nations. Here is the reaction from the Left, according to Aljazeera:

Democrats and rebel-Republicans said on Friday that they would oppose Bolton’s second nomination as UN ambassador, which was submitted by Bush on Thursday.

Bush’s move, a day after he parted company with Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary, sparked immediate claims by Democrats that his promises of bipartisanship following Tuesday’s midterm elections were hollow.

Pardon my bluntness, but it always seemed to me that President Bush has promised bipartisanship ever since he was first elected back in 2000. It has always seemed to me that his lack of success has been due, in large part, to the refusal of those on the Left to accept any middle ground, or any hint of a conservative idea and call that the great vaunted “Bipartisanship.” It has always seemed, instead, the only time the Lefties are willing to say something is bipartisan is when those on the right, or the President, or those across the aisle in the Congress go running all the way across the aisle, arms outstretched, to embrace some Left/Dem idea or suggestion – anything that dared stop at the center of the aisle has always been criticized as a “lack of bipartisanship!” I suppose a more succinct manner of phrasing it is that, if the Republicans dare disagree with the Democrats, they are called partisan, as is any attempt at compromise. Only when a wild-eyed Lib/Democrat ideal is firmly & fully embraced (with full credit given to the Dems) are the Republicans “attempting bipartisanship.”

I would agree with the first paragraph of the next section of that same Aljazeera article, but the second part makes my blood boil:

Sean McCormack, a state department spokesperson, said: “We believe that he deserves an up-or-down vote; that if he gets such a vote that he would win it in the senate. He has been extraordinarily effective up there at the UN.”

But Chris Dodd, a Democratic senator and a fierce Bolton opponent, hit out at Bush for lodging the new nomination, on a day he promised to work with Democrats, following the rejection of congressional Republicans at the ballot box.

Dodd said: “Trying to jam this nomination through during a lame duck session may indicate that the president didn’t fully hear the voice of the American public and that is troubling.

“The president should immediately rethink this nomination.”

Yep – that’s real bipartisanship on the part of the Democrats. It’s more of the usual – “It wasn’t our idea, so it can’t be good for us. If we can’t play the game by OUR rules, we won’t play at all. And we’ll call YOU partisan for making us mad by not letting us have our way.”

Second: Iranian reaction to the elections. I am not picking on the Iranians, just using this as an example of what I have been reading, with which I totally disagree, about the election results. I suppose I will need, at some point, to say what I think the results reflect about the mood, and desires of the American people. Whatever that is, this report at sure as heck ain’t it:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Friday that Republicans’ defeat in this week’s midterm legislative elections show public opposition to the US’ war mongering policies. “That can not be considered a mere domestic event, rather it marks failure of the war mongering policies of (the US President George W.) Bush worldwide,” said Ayatollah Khamenei in an address to a group of locals on the third day of his tour of Semnan.

Ayatollah Khamenei said Republicans’ elections defeat can also mean victory of the Iranian nation in this juncture.[…]

On his part, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that outcome of the US elections reflected the citizens’ opposition to government policies. Addressing a group of elites, Ahmadinejad said, according to IRNA, only 40 percent of the eligible voters took part in the elections, which cost the government more than US$ 40 billion.

Ahmadinejad said the vote results show that majority of Americans are fed up with their government’s policies.

No offense meant, Ayatollah. No offense meant, President Unpronouncable. You obviously don’t get it – just as bad as the Repubs who were defeated didn’t get it! My feeling is that, rather than being a statement about the war, the election results were a statement of dissatisfaction with the tax and spend, liberal-imitating policies many Republicans seemed to espouse, in an effort to win approval of being “bipartisan.” We didn’t elect these people to be “bipartisan.” Those Republicans were elected because the majority of the people voting believed them when they said they had, deeply engrained in the fabric of their being, strong beliefs in, and support for the core principles of conservatism. When, time after time, they proved that “going along to attempt to get along” with those on the other side was more important to them than representing the conservative base by whom they were elected, they lost. I honestly believe it is as simple as that. And, thank you for trying to tell the world what I think and how I feel, but I’d rather do it myself.

As The Needle Bends

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