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NYE Mystery, possible solution

Here’s one possible arrangement of the blocks from my New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt. I thought I’d give it a day and see if I still like their arrangement on Sunday, BEFORE I sew them together into a top, and work on the borders. If you see any obvious boo-boo’s, like chickens standing on their heads, please let me know.


OK, I have two arrangements. We’ll call the one on top Option 1. The one below we’ll call Option 2. I’d like your opinion which you think looks the best, preferably BEFORE I sew them together. If there’s another option you see, that I haven’t, hey – let me know. I’m pretty flexible in some things, and right now, they are just laying in the floor. All a re-arrangement would take would be walking into the room where they are resting!


As The Needle Bends

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  1. Hi

    Number two I like best because you set the focusblock with blue background in the center.
    Perhaps try to move number three block in third row to the first row as number two ( middle of the row ) and this one as # 3 in third row ???

    Hugs Cozie

    Comment by Cozie | January 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. I honestly could not tell the difference between the two…

    Amy, I moved a couple of the blocks around – most notably, the blue background one to the center, since it was the only one with the blue background.

    Comment by Amy | January 8, 2007 | Reply

  3. I agree with Cozie…but also would add that, in my humble opinion, looking at the quilt…the top left square and the bottom right square should be matching colours, preferably with the blue tones to match the centre tile.

    Comment by Lee | January 8, 2007 | Reply

  4. BSue,
    I realize it’s too late to say which one I like best, but I am drawn to the 2nd one too. Very nice quilts!
    If you have a few miutes to answer some questions, what size is each “square” and do you do all that work by hand? Do you have the fabric to begin with, a basic pattern in mind, sketch it and figure the dimensions or do you buy fabric to create the kind of quilt you want?
    I’m asking because at one time I took up knitting, learned just enough to make a blanket but not quite enough to know how to stop. So by the time I learned how to stop that dang blanket weighed 200lbs. No kidding, it pinned you down and you couldn’t even roll over under it. (I donated it to The Texas Parks and Wildlife for a military history living quarters display where it was VERY cold.)
    Hope you post pics of the finished quilt!

    This particular quilt top is the result of a “mystery quilt” project from one of my quilt groups. The directions were given to us a little at a time. The first being the “fabric requirements” – so much of the “focus” fabric (for which I used chicken and rooster fabrics that I was given as house-warming gifts, along with some others which “came home to roost,” so much of a background fabric, so much of a “medium” and so much “dark.” I had no idea what the pattern was going to look like – only that the ‘focus’ squares were going to be 8″ – which told me that I wouldn’t be making “hamburger” out of the chickens.

    The second step was when we were told, ahead of the “sew-in” how many of what size/shapes to cut from each fabric.

    NY Eve, the hostess posted directions one step at a time, along with pictures to guide us. I’ve never done a mystery quilt before – and it was a lot of fun.

    None of the work in this quilt was by hand. As for the rest of what I imagine you are asking about the quilt patterns – there are a million on-line, and there are websites with directions and handy tips for beginning quilters. If you are interested, check out Bonnie Hunter has some wonderful patterns, with pictorial directions – many of which are relatively simple but create impressive results. Or email me and I’ll send you some of the zillion links I have in my “favorites.”

    As for the final solution – I did use the arrangement in picture number 2. The top now has another “round” of blocks which are the light gold fabric, with the dark blue half square triangles…. it continues the pattern of “stars” out to the edge, and I’m adding another border which will make the quilt larger.

    The easiest question is about the fabrics – I have yards and yards and yards… but most have been collected in 1/2 yard increments, as I love the looks of “old” scrap quilts, so rarely use the same fabrics throughout a quilt. Why limit myself to a single lovely red print when I have 30 others on the shelf that are all begging to be used, too?

    Comment by Liz | January 23, 2007 | Reply

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