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New York Beauties?

I recently joined another Yahoo Group, called Quilters’ Corner Club, because of the allure of a monthly program called International New York Beauty Block of the Month. I’ve always loved the intricate appearance of these blocks – no matter how few pieces the block in question has, the dreaded curved piecing always made them "impossible" to me, but one day while surfing the net, I stumbled across the QCC website, and read the instructions placed there by Christina, and could not resist trying one.

Christina’s directions are marvelous. She breaks the steps down into little tiny bites (you know – how do you eat an elephant? One little bite at a time!) which work marvelously, as long as you follow the directions. The first practice block I made went together so unbelievably easily, that I just had to make another – and didn’t turn the pages of the printed out directions, one step at a time, on the second… It did NOT go together so smoothly and as I was heading for my computer, to post a question to the list to ask if it made a difference whether the block piece or the background piece was on top when sewing that last seam, I glanced through Christina’s directions again. I felt truly silly, when I saw the picture, and read the words:

I’m going to do the same thing now, pinning on the Unit C (face down) onto the Pieced A/B unit – Lining up the Right edges, pinning down, then the left edges, then the center and in between the center and the edges on both sides…as shown…

So, if you’ve ever been fascinated by blocks that you thought you dare not try, because of the evil curved seams, check out Christina’s directions, and a couple of the practice blocks. I believe that you will find these are very "do-able," using her instructions, but need to post one warning – sorting through your scraps for those "wonderful, precious scraps" that were just to marvelous to toss out, but might be big enough for a "significant role" in one of these beauties, and stitching them up to see if the next turns out just as well as the last, IS like potato chips. Nobody can do JUST one (but maybe "just one MORE!)


Thanks Christina – you’ve made me a believer in my piecing capabilities/capabilities to follow instructions – and, after 10 years, it’s opened up a whole new realm of quilted possibilities! Now, I must get back to the scrap bag and put together more combinations… Where did I put those batik scraps? How about more of the black for the background…….

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May 28, 2007 - Posted by | Quilting and Hobbies (wishing I had 'spare' time)

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