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Tagged by Julie, of Feeling Simply Quilty , I’ve been challenged to list 7 random things about myself. Unfortunately, its not really a random kind of a day – so we’ll see how this goes:

1) I wish I had the opportunity to stay home and quilt, instead of spending so much time commuting. Work’s not so bad, but commuting into Houston is a killer.

2) It makes me sad (or perhaps frustrated with my own helplessness) to see my parents-in-law facing the facts of their own vulnerabilities, when confronted with the death of a neighbor, and the serious illness of a long, long, long time friend.

3) It makes me smile to watch hummingbirds swooping through the trees, the porch, and up to the goofy little feeder we have out for them.

4) Ginger is a silly dog, and I’m glad that she adopted us because she brings a lot of smiles to our family.


5) I wonder how long it will take me to cut enough squares to decide if I have enough different blue fabrics to do Ann S’s summer mystery as a two color blue and beige/white/cream quilt.

6) Why is there nothing on tv worth watching, in the summer time, except reruns of programs that weren’t worth watching the first time, or sports – which is cool when the Spurs and the Astros are winning, and not when they aren’t.

7) I wonder why Blue Bell Ice Cream only makes the bestest flavor in the world, Mocha Almond Fudge, sporadically, instead of all the time?

I dunno how random that was, but what the heck – it’s MONDAY.

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The Saga of Sunbonnet Sue Continues

Back in May I posted that I was considering re-construction of a SBS/Dutch Doll quilt given to a friend’s parents as a wedding gift. They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in December. I finally found the “right” color pink for the replacement sashing, with the promise that the store will have more of this same color before I need backing, and have possibilities for the replacement fabric for the dress in the top righthand corner… And I finally decided that I would not be able to re-construct the quilt if I never got brave enough to complete the de-construction of it…. So tonight I sat down with seam ripper, small scissors, and a bag for the de-construction debris…


This quilt, while still having “strong bones” looked to be “almost falling apart.” The batting has turned to cotton balls, and the edges were pretty well shot. Well, I can tell you, after spending a few hours with said seam ripper, and scissors, that this quilt was still in much sounder condition than it appeared. I have frog-stitched my way through the quilting stitches, snipping away the batting as I went – and after the grueling loss by the Astros to the Texas Rangers, I have made my way through 1.5 rows of blocks. Who’d have ever guessed that it may well take me longer to take this thing apart safely than it will to put it back together? Well, maybe some of you who have undertaken something like this before had a clue; but I guess I was pretty clueless! I started by trying to undo the machine sewn seam holding the inner edge of the border/sashing to the backing – and that seam was much stronger than I ever would have thought. I feel like one of those people who work in a demolition crew – there are little pieces of cotton batting stuck all over. At least it’s not concrete dust! This is the “Stashbuster At-Home Retreat Weekend” and I guess this project may well take me all weekend long – just to get un-quilted. Then, perhaps, I’ll be able to tell whether the background underneath the SBS appliques will be salvageable, or if that will have to go out with the cotton balls. Wish me luck!

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