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A world view thru my hobbit hole door

I’ve been tagged…

Tagged by Julie, of Feeling Simply Quilty , I’ve been challenged to list 7 random things about myself. Unfortunately, its not really a random kind of a day – so we’ll see how this goes:

1) I wish I had the opportunity to stay home and quilt, instead of spending so much time commuting. Work’s not so bad, but commuting into Houston is a killer.

2) It makes me sad (or perhaps frustrated with my own helplessness) to see my parents-in-law facing the facts of their own vulnerabilities, when confronted with the death of a neighbor, and the serious illness of a long, long, long time friend.

3) It makes me smile to watch hummingbirds swooping through the trees, the porch, and up to the goofy little feeder we have out for them.

4) Ginger is a silly dog, and I’m glad that she adopted us because she brings a lot of smiles to our family.


5) I wonder how long it will take me to cut enough squares to decide if I have enough different blue fabrics to do Ann S’s summer mystery as a two color blue and beige/white/cream quilt.

6) Why is there nothing on tv worth watching, in the summer time, except reruns of programs that weren’t worth watching the first time, or sports – which is cool when the Spurs and the Astros are winning, and not when they aren’t.

7) I wonder why Blue Bell Ice Cream only makes the bestest flavor in the world, Mocha Almond Fudge, sporadically, instead of all the time?

I dunno how random that was, but what the heck – it’s MONDAY.

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June 25, 2007 - Posted by | Quilting and Hobbies (wishing I had 'spare' time)

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