As the needle bends

A world view thru my hobbit hole door

Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!!!

From my house, Deep in the Heart of Texas, to your’s -wherever you are,



Stay safe, and warm, wherever you are – and have a safe and prosperous New Year (geepers – how did the year ever get to 2008???)

Wishing you straight stitches, unbent needles, and lots of seams that don’t have to be unsewn!



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Christmas is Coming

I thought I’d post this lovely Christmas tree as a reminder to myself, and anyone who happens to stop by, that time is getting short for creating those gifties, but I couldn’t get the widget thingy to work. You will have to trust me – I checked Finn’s blog  and there are only 20 days til Christmas!  I can only hope that the sewing macine repair man gives us at least a prognosis on the Singer that went “KLUNK” on Sunday. My every so handy DH figured out where the offending part fell out from, and managed to tuck it neatly back into place but, alas, it did not stay put. So… if there is no joy in sewing machine land by the weekend, I’ll have to figure out a way to set up my ancient Kenmore (I’m not dissing the machine, Ma Terry – really I’m not) on top of the sewing machine cabinet where the Singer nestles into place, because my buddies on “Quilters Corner Club” are having a “Last Ditch Christmas Sew In,” I have gifties to create, and another round on a Round Robin to get started… And sooooo many ideas – none of which I’d normally actually do any stitching on during the week – but since I CAN’T, without dragging out the other machine, oh boy don’t you know I WANT to now… LOL…

Wishing you happy creating, and sewing machines that do NOT go KLUNK in the night!

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