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Life Throws a Curveball

The last post I wrote, low those many weeks ago, lamented that the year is flying by. That is still true, although some aspects of time seem to have ground to a halt. I am, I hope, finally free to mention on here that my DH, Squawkbox, has encountered some health issues. Yes, the big loveable dude has finally had to admit that he is NOT invulnerable, nor is a lack of routine maintenance a really good idea, when it comes to the body human.

He’d been having some strange symptoms, each individually not terrible, but with all his symptoms – headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, some short term memory issues & difficulty concentrating – evaluated from the jaded eye of this former Neuro Nurse had me convinced that something really really REALLY bad was growing inside his head. So, he finally decided that a visit to our family doctor was warranted, about 2 weeks ago. While at the doctor’s office, he admitted that he’s also been having some shortness of breath and other complaints which would fall more in the cardiac issues column. Here’s where the preventive maintenance vs catastrophic failure comparison comes in. He’d not been to the doctor in…. Oh…. I don’t know… so long that they had archived his medical records when they moved to their new office – it must’ve been about the summer of 2000… He’s been a LOT more in the last two weeks. A battery of tests, visits to the cardiologist to get a look-see and line out a plan of attack, and MRI of his head to prove he does indeed have a brain (and that there is nothing else growing in that thick skull)… Imagine my surprise when the call came from Squawk that he’d gone over to Dr #1’s office to pick up lab results for Dr #2, and was told that they got the results of his MRI, which showed that he’s had "a mild stroke!" That actually left many more questions that answers, at least in my mind, but gave us a starting point in the plan of attack.

Priority #1 – GET YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE UNDER CONTROL, MR SQUAWK! And a lot of BP checks, meds, and a little "tweaking" later, it does finally seem to be heading in the right direction. He’s also had a stress test, which stressed out my cardiologist, who agreed that before much of anything else can/should be done, PRIORITY #1 must be acheived. So, Monday, he goes back to the cardiologist for some more non-invasive testing, decide what "this concern with your heart" is, and to formulate some more on the plan of attack, get the BP meds tweaked some more, and so it goes…

Prayers of thanksgiving that there isn’t a tumor inside that precious head have been said, and continue to be said. Prayers that all the effects of the stroke will eventually go away (not that there are many but it’s gotta get frustrating to feel like you are having trouble thinking), and that nothing else serious will be found would be appreciated. Now, I have to pretend that everything is just normal as normal can be, and go to work. High Ho…High Ho… Thank God it is FRIDAY!


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