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Poor Pig

I became aware last weekend, that a pig had taken to coming into our yard… Not an escaped Pot-Bellied Pig, but a fair sized domestic-type grey pig (with light grey stripe around his middle – just like in the cartoons)… When spotted, it didn’t leave fast enough to suite either Ginger or DH, who tried everything short of hog-icide to discourage its return. He yelled at it and it came back. He threw firecrackers at it (they work pretty well for stray dogs), and it came back. He shot it in the rear with snake shot, and it ambled off but it came back.
Monday when I left for work, Pig was skirting the side of our fence, and aiming for the yard… I honked and it ran down the side of the ditch towards the woods behind the house. Next morning, it was standing in the yard when I walked outside – and went down into the ditch… and I haven’t seen it since… However, that afternoon Mom, Dad and DH all heard dogs barking and the pig squealing… then it got eerily quiet – and they thought Pig had bit the big one. Next afternoon, they heard the barking and squealing again… This time, DH saw the dogs chase it into the ditch behind the house and start circling it, just like something out of “Animal Farm.” He came in the house to get the .22 and was going to start shooting the dogs (they run wild around here back in the woods – maybe coming in from the subdivision behind us, and if they are going to attempt to kill other animals, it’s really not safe to let them just run wild)… Anyway, when he went back out, the dogs were gone. Pig was on its side in the bottom of the ditch, no visible movement to be seen… DH felt really bad that he hadn’t tried to catch it and call animal control sooner. He called the sheriff’s office AND animal control that day – and was told that he’d have to contact the County Commissioner for our area for “dead animal removal” but they’d send animal control out – of course, if he could catch the dogs, they’d haul them away…. Yeah right – these dogs just killed a pig, and he’s suppose to go catch them???? Animal Control did later drive down the paved road in front of the house. Imagine that – they didn’t find the pack of wild dogs in the woods BEHIND our house from there!
DH called me and asked me to stop at Subway, and get us “Seafood Sensation” subs for supper because, before all this happened, he’d thawed out – you got it – PORK CHOPS to grill but had lost his taste for pork. Considering the grill is about 10 feet in front of where Pig lay dead in the ditch, that seemed quite understandable to me… He went back and checked on Pig – who’d somehow changed his direction in the ditch but was laying there with “no visible rise and fall of his chest” and his mouth hanging open. POOR PIG…. poor dead pig… Why couldn’t he have learned his lesson, and gone back to wherever his pig sty is?
While I was on the way home, DH called and said that he had to make another installment in the squirrel relocation program in progress next door. Mom and Dad’s deck has become too tempting for the furry little Bast–ds…and he’d set our live trap over there to thin out the herd, and had another to haul off to the woods a few miles away. He wanted to let me know he was going to swing through MacDonalds and get fries to go with the subs… I got home first, and walked back to the ditch and didn’t see Pig… but was assured that I just hadn’t looked in the right place. He didn’t want to take me and show me because he didn’t want Ginger to go back there… It was too hot, was shady and damp where Pig was, and the basketball game was coming on so he’d deal with dead Pig later. We went to watch with Mom and Dad… and, in between snarks at the referees, and the normal conversation about the idiocy of some of the players, the topic of conversation was how deep he’d have to dig to bury Pig. Poor Pig… Maybe he should get some lime to pour over him to hasten his return to the dust of the earth. Maybe he should pour concrete over Pig, to keep him from washing out if it rained too soon… Poor Pig…
He got up early the next morning, and took Ginger over to Mom and Dad’s – put her barking self inside the fence… and came back to bury Pig… Poor Pig – should have called animal control sooner… Pooor pooooooor pig… Feels so bad – Pig didn’t deserve to die that way…. Imagine his surprise when he reached the ditch to find NO Pig! Forgot that pigs don’t sweat. Forgot that pigs faint when they get excited… Pig is evidently really good at playing possum… There were no drag marks – no scavengers had dragged Pig off for breakfast. The reason I didn’t see Pig was that Pig had cooled off, there in the bottom of the ditch, in the mud and shade… and got up and high tailed it to (hopefully) greener pastures – where dogs don’t circle, and breezes are cool… At least, we haven’t seen Pig since!!!!! (DH said that he kept picturing a mound of wet concrete with a pig-sized hole in it, if he’d poured concrete over Pig – and finally had to start laughing at the whole improbable tale!!!!!)
And that’s the story of Pig. Just another of the country-fried joys of living in the little house near the Big Woods, but Pig still hasn’t come back to our Green Acre.


June 15, 2008 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings

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  1. A pig? A PIG? You have a wandering PIG? Pardon me if I have no way to wrap my head around that one (and I’ll just pretend you didn’t say anything about wild dogs, while I’m at it).

    What really confuses me is that I think that if I lived close enough to someone who housed a pig, I’d think I’d know it…. wouldn’t I?

    Green Acres, indeed! LOL!

    Of course, who am I to talk? I live within 5 miles of a “verified” {snort} Bigfoot sighting. We have elk and deer and cougars and raccoons and rabbits and coyotes… but no PIGS.

    Comment by Tracy | June 15, 2008 | Reply

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