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A Very Special Give-Away

Seems like, lately, all I’ve been doing is linking to other folks’ give-aways… But this one is special…

Back during the spring, Nancy, who is "Blogging, Near Philadelphia," was in the midst of a fun weekend, planning some interesting fun with giveaways over Memorial Day Weekend, when life threw her family a curveball. I have followed her journey through the aftermath of her DH’s MI, almost like deja vu, all over again.


My own life’s journey has had some interesting curves in the road, a few hills, and a pothole or twelve. In 1995, we lost my mother to cholangiocarcinoma. She passed away on April 30. During the trip to up home for her funereal, I observed some symptoms in my husband which caused me to insist that he follow up with his cardiologist when we got home. After his heart cath on May 31, he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Memories of the following month are a blur – holding his hand while he went through the transplant clinic for the "workup" which is a precursor to being listed for a heart transplant. Asking all the "Why us" questions. Exploring the changes in diet the nutritionist insisted were necessary, much to his chagrin. Asking myself if I would go through the radical lifestyle changes, necessitated by a transplant of any organ – much less a heart – if the shoe were on the other foot! Then on June 30, 1995, 1 week after he was officially listed with UNOS as awaiting a heart transplant from an AB donor, he suffered one of those cardiac dysrhythmias that resulted in a ventricular rupture, my playing paramedic at home – doing CPR on my spouse, and life as I thought I knew it coming to a sudden screeching halt, at the ripe old age of 40.

To make a long story shorter, life is indeed full of interesting twists, and today finds me married to my childhood sweetheart – my first husband, from whom I’d been divorced for 17 years when we re-met, fell in love all over again, and re-married. And that is the man whose health challenges are now twisting my stomach. But this story isn’t about me, or him…. It’s about Nancy. It’s a celebration of the fact that she has gotten far enough beyond the paralysis that comes with suddenly, inescapably being forced to face the mortality of the person whose breath means as much to us as our own.

Nancy’s give-away is to celebrate her 500th blog post. She is offering 5 "prize packages" – one for each 100 posts on her blog. Something that I think is a novel way to celebrate. So, please, go to her blog (if you are a quilter, or wannabe a quilter) and make the difficult decision of which of the prize packages speaks to your quilty being… And leave a comment telling her which "hat" to toss your name in.

At any rate, Nancy, I salute your courage, and the evidence of your coming to grips with the fact that today is all that God has promised any of us. And the reminder to each of us to make the most of each and every one of those "todays!"


July 19, 2008 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings, Quilting and Hobbies (wishing I had 'spare' time)

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  1. Wow Sue .. you’ve had a lot of twists and curves in your life road

    I tip my hat to you for your courage and fortitude.


    Comment by grace | July 19, 2008 | Reply

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