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Jewel Box Quilt, from “Near Philadelphia” to Near Houston

A short time back, I was ecstatic to find that I was the winner of one of the give-aways held by Nancy, who was celebrating her 500th post at “Blogging, Near Philadelphia!” My prize – the gorgeous contents of this basket:

Jewel Box Quilt Kit
Jewel Box Quilt Kit
to make my own version of a “mostly Civil War Fabrics Jewel Box Quilt” similar to this one on her blog. I was sooooo excited because a jewel box quilt has been on my “someday” quilt list for a long time, and while I’ve never worked with specific “Civil War type” fabrics I absolutely LOVE the colors. What person whose favorite season is autumn would NOT love the fabrics shown above?

When Nancy notified me it was being mailed while I was on vacation last week, I was sooooo excited but in a bit of a quandry as to when I’d find time during my “stay-at-home quilting retreat” vacation to work on it. Well, the US Postal System took that delimma out of the equation – they delivered it on my second day back to work! What a wonderful pick-me-up!!!!

I’d share a picture but the reflections from the ziplock bag were too much for my meager photographic skills… Take them out of the ziplock???  Not a chance! I sneaked a peek and the fabrics are just as wonderful in person as they were in Nancy’s picture only there are many other colors you can’t see in the basket. However, I want to make sure that I keep them all together, don’t mix in any ‘rogue’ 1990’s scraps, or lose any of these lovely pieces.  This coming weekend, while I’m off again, I’ll find a basket to keep the leader/enders in, so that I can keep them seperate from the ones I’ve got in my current  leader/ender container – and GET MYSELF BACK IN THE HABIT of using the leader/enders, a-la-Bonnie, so that I can make this quilt while assembling the border (Whatever that turns out to be) for my “If I Had a Nickel” quilt.

So, I’d like to say “Thanks again Nancy” – there are wonderful quilt-makings in there, along with a lesson in the value of consistently using the leaders and enders. Hopefully I’ll be sharing a picture of the “real-deal” before long!  Until then I’d best get dressed, and get on the road to Planet Houston, or I’ll be late for work because it’s raining, and it’s a proven fact that Houstonians, when mixed with commuters, don’t fare too well on the freeways!  And I can hardly wait to get back home to admire my new quilt kit some more!!!!! Nancy – it’s the best!


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  1. So, howz it goin’? I was down in the studio tonight making CW 9 patches. Not sure why . . . . .

    Comment by Nancy, Near Philadelphia | September 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hello Bobbie,
    Thank you for your comment! Any encouragement is good for me because sometimes we just need to be propped up….lol…I just love your blog….exceptional and I will visit often.

    Comment by Pam | September 7, 2008 | Reply

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