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Changing the Station from Hurricane Ike Coverage

Much of my world has been consumed the past week and a half with a bad boy named Ike. I have come to realize that, no matter how bad the aftermath of Ike was, my family was truly blessed, and rode out the storm in the protective hand of God. So, much as it was, this time last week, when many of us in the Greater Houston area were wondering if we’d EVER hear about anything going on in the world beside…. well… you-know-who…. it came time to change the station…. and… well, Tracy at FiberBabble kinda hinted that she’d like to see what my list would look like, and I wanted to see what I got to choose from soooooooo I bit:

The rules:
A) Go to Music Outfitters
B) Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
C) Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline and/or italicize your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you don’t remember (or don’t care about)

* bold italic: turn up the volume and sing along loudly (chair dancing – not lap dancing – may be involved)
* bold: turn up the volume and sing along softly
* italic: leave the volume where it is but smile nostalgically and possibly hum
* plain: leave it be if I’m not paying attention, maybe look for something better if I am (or I don’t know the song)
* strikethrough: change the station
* red strikethrough: lunge violently at the radio and break one or more fingernails trying to change the station as fast as possible
(I will admit that I added a category or two… There were some of these songs that I heard sooooo many times that they are deeply ingrained in the protoplasm of my eardrums… and I would probably start singing along loudly, until I realized what it was…. then I would break something reaching to change the station – those I have combined into some combination of BOLD, italics, with red and/or a strikethrough. LOLOL What’s the good of doing a meme, if you can’t change the rules, along with the station???)

1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Roberta Flack
2. Alone Again (Naturally), Gilbert O’Sullivan
3. American Pie, Don McLean
4. Without You, Nilsson
5. Candy Man, Sammy Davis Jr.
6. I Gotcha, Joe Tex
7. Lean On Me, Bill Withers
8. Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me, Mac Davis
9. Brand New Key, Melanie
10. Daddy Dont You Walk So Fast, Wayne Newton
11. Let’s Stay Together, Al Green
12. Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl), Looking Glass
13. Oh Girl, Chi-Lites
14. Nice To Be With You, Gallery
15. My Ding-A-Ling, Chuck Berry
16. If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right, Luther Ingram
17. Heart Of Gold, Neil Young
18. Betcha By Golly, Wow, Stylistics
19. I’ll Take You There, Staple Singers
20. Ben, Michael Jackson
21. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Robert John
22. Outa-space, Billy Preston
23. Slippin’ Into Darkness, War
24. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress), Hollies
25. How Do You Do, Mouth and MacNeal
27. Song Sung Blue, Neil Diamond
28. A Horse With No Name, America
28. Popcorn, Hot Butter
29. Everybody Plays The Fool, Main Ingredient
30. Precious And Few, Climax
31. Last Night I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All, 5th Dimension
32. Nights In White Satin, Moody Blues
33. Go All The Way, Raspberries
34. Too Late To Turn Back Now, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
35. Back Stabbers, O’Jays
36. Down By The Lazy River, Osmonds
37. Sunshine, Jonathan Edwards
38. Starting All Over Again, Mel and Tim
39. Day Atter Day, Badfinger
40. Rocket Man, Elton John
41. Rockin’ Robin, Michael Jackson
42. Beautiful Sunday, Daniel Boone
43. Scorpio, Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band
44. Morning Has Broken, Cat Stevens
45. The City Of New Orleans, Arlo Guthrie
46. Garden Party, Rick Nelson
47. I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash
48. Burning Love, Elvis Presley
49. Clean Up Woman, Betty Wright
50. Hold Your Head Up, Argent
51. Jungle Fever, Chakachas
52. Everything I Own, Bread
53. In The Rain, Dramatics
54. Look What You Done For Me, Al Green
55. The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A., Donna Fargo
56. Bang A Gong (Get It On), T. Rex
57. Mother And Child Reunion, Paul Simon
58. Where Is The Love, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway
59. I’m Still In Love With You, Al Green
60. Layla, Derek and The Dominos
61. Day Dreaming, Aretha Franklin
62. The Way Of Love, Cher
63. Black And White, Three Dog Night
64. Sylvia’s Mother, Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show
65. Hurting Each Other, Carpenters
66. Coconut, Nilsson
68. Puppy Love, Donny Osmond
69. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim, Jim Croce
70. Hot Rod Lincoln, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
71. A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done, Sonny and Cher
72. Joy, Apollo 100
73. Anticipation, Carly Simon
74. Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night
75. Kiss An Angel Good Morning, Charlie Pride
76. School’s Out, Alice Cooper
77. Saturday In The Park, Chicago
78. Drowning In The Sea Of Love, Joe Simon
79. Use Me, Bill Withers
80. Family Affair, Sly and The Family Stone
81. Troglodyte, Jimmy Castor Bunch
82. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans, Redbone
83. Freddie’s Dead, Curtis Mayfield
84. Power Of Love, Joe Simon
85. Ain’t Understanding Mellow, Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee Eager
86. Taxi, Harry Chapin
87. Don’t Say You Don’t Rememeer, Beverly Bremers
87. Sealed With A Kiss, Bobby Vinton
88. I Saw The Light, Todd Rundgren
89. Motorcycle Mama, Sailcat
90. Day By Day, Godspell Soundtrack
91. Roundabout, Yes
92. Doctor My Eyes, Jackson Browne
93. I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, New Seekers
94. Vincent/Castles In The Air, Don Mclean
95. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms), Detroit Emeralds
96. Speak To The Sky, Rick Springfield
97. I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, Hillside Singers
98. Walking In The Rain With The One I Love, Love Unlimited
99. Good Foot, Pt. 1, James Brown
100. Pop That Thang, Isley Bros.

I promise, I won’t do as T did – I won’t even HINT that I’d like to see your list – but if you are so inclined…. It might be really interesting!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….. The number of customers in the Greater Houston area who remain without electricity has shrunk to somewhere less than one million – but to those who still turn on their lightswitch to find NOTHING, my prayers are with you. Hopefully, at least, you have running water (I still find myself washing my hands every time I walk past a sink, just because I can!)


September 23, 2008 - Posted by | Life and Ramblings


  1. heh .. based on these songs .. i put you bout 3 – 4 years older than me 🙂

    heh .. that’s bad .. my list I have to look up half of them … don’t remember the names LOLOLOL


    Comment by gquilts | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Heheh. My mom says I drove her crazy with “Brand New Key” over and over and over on the 45… She can still sing the song, beginning to end, to this day!

    Ahhh, the skinny old days….

    Comment by Tracy | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  3. sooooooo glad to hear that you and your wonderful family are safe and sound – I have calluses on my knees from all the prayers for ya’ll safety. big hugs to you and Walt, and those around you. I’ll write soon – lots to share. Love, Liz

    Comment by Liz | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. heheheh..i thought the blog was about baby changing stations.

    Comment by baby changing station | September 26, 2008 | Reply

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