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Where did January go???

The following post will make more sense, if you read it with the following information:

For the past 2+ weeks, I’ve been mostly “in my nest” on the corner of our sofa, with my leg elevated and iced. Well, in the past week, it has come down for trips to the physical terrorist (sorry Jeff – you really aren’t so bad, and I know that you are doing this torture stuff for my own good!)… I have not been completely incommunicado, because I’ve had my DH’s old laptop, but sometimes it and I do NOT communicate too well. So, I started a blog post back on January 13 – 5 days after having 2 meniscus tears repaired, and other flotsam and jetsam cleaned out of my knee, but it disappeared into the bowels of the laptop without letting me know that it’d been saved as a draft… And there was no wonder my knee hurt so much – there were way too many “tenants” in a single tenant dwelling. So without further ado, I’ll leave you to read the slightly zany, slightly drug induced ramblings from back then, so I don’t have to re-write the whole dumb thing:

Wow – how did it get to be 2009 already? I suppose when one is distracted by getting a vehicle repaired, and dealing with work while coping with knee pain, time just sneaks past you.

Yes – the knee thing is official. I had the arthroscopy on my knee last Thursday, and I didn’t have a torn meniscus. I had TWO tears. Both of those have now been “repaired” and, unfortunately, the other diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the kneecap has been confirmed. Doc told my DH that I will eventually need knee replacement surgery – could be 2 years but could be 20. I’ll opt for the 20 year plan, thank you very much.

Now I’m busy with what I describe as “Combat Knitting.” Because of allergies to some analgesics, and a chemical resistance to others, pain relief seems to be an issue. So I have taken up sock knitting. Because I must concentrate on the pattern in knitting, I have learned that I can knit my way through some of the pain. In my head I chant “one more row – one more round….” I’ll take something for pain when I finish this section – and before I know it, I’ve gone past my “mini-goal” and haven’t had to take anything more than the anti-inflammatories that I’m suppose to take on a regular basis.

That concludes the ramblings of a deranged knee-repair victem… and, if I can find it in this computer, I’ll share a picture of the first of my sock knitting successes. I called them “Grinch Socks” because, while just learning to knit socks, I certainly did NOT want to waste money on yarn when I have boxes of the stuff in the closet. I just didn’t have a lot of variety in the baby or sport weight, and nothing in “sock weight”… But the Grinch Socks do keep my feet warm, as long as I have another pair of “real” socks underneath to keep them from slipping off my feet! And I’ve almost finished a pair of much prettier socks, done in Baby Bernat Jacquards “Easter Basket” yarn. But you’ll just have to come back and see those next time. Look for them labelled “Bobbie’s Knee Socks” – they are only anklets, but…well… there’s this knee thing that I have working here LOL

First Ever Completed "Grinch" sock

First Ever Completed "Grinch" sock

Oh yes, you must excuse the attire – I only had a few pairs of PJ pants that would fit over the lovely foot to thigh bandage that I came home with, and had to endure for 3 full days… What a relief it was to get that thing off!

Later~~~~ I have a pretty sock to finish knitting!


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