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High Ho… It’s Off To Work I Go

Just a quick update, with no pictures to make it interesting or anything… This could have been titled “February Went the Same Place as January” but it won’t be.

Mid-way through my knee rehab, I had to have my knee aspirated and went almost back to square one in the healing process.  The wonderful Nurse Practitioner at my Ortho Clinic worked with me to teach me how to get the persistent swelling down,  and advised that, because of the osteoarthritis of the knee, it could just take quite a long time for the knee to heal completely. I’ve managed to get it to the point that she agreed I could return to work, with pretty strict light duty restrictions, and she re-injected the visco-supplementation stuff they washed out in the ‘scope and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! The first go round was sheer torture – likely because the little particles in the viscosupplementation stuff (ground up rooster combs or whatever it is) got wedged in under the tears I turned out to have in my meniscus. This time, I iced and elevated as directed, and had 2 almost completely pain free days. What a change!!!!

But I must go get my lunch packed, and gather all the things I need to take with me  to make it through a day with this knee, like my cane, ice pack, ace wrap, and the work releases… And find my truck keys – they would likely come in handy!!!!

Wish me luck.


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