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A little cloud… a little silver lining

Well, Monday came, and when I got to work and called home, as usual, to say I’d made the commute safely… I got a recording that said “this number is not in service… if you feel that you’ve reached this number by mistake, please hang up and try again”…. Well, I was pretty sure that the reason was because yesterday was the day when we were to get high speed broadband internet, and digital phone service…. and for much of the day, evidently, DH and the phone people spent some quality time on his cellphone trying to talk through this thing…. end result, we now have lightening fast internet – well, sometimes it is and sometimes it’s hard to tell there’s been a change… and we also have a computer desk (mine) that lost the castors off one end, and it’s very disconcerting to type while you are holding the keyboard tray ever so slightly to prevent it from sliding back into the desk… while looking at a monitor that has a strange list to the right – sorta looks like the Titanic did shortly before…. well – you know what happened to the Titanic!!!!

And I don’t know whether it’s our ever changing weather or whether something magical, called healing, is finally taking place inside my knee. After our Sunday drive, in search of bluebonnets, my foot swelled up something awful – spent the rest of the day with it elevated as high as… well, you know that story too… and Monday morning it was good as new. I spent much of Monday at work with it elevated a bit, as well… and noticed when I got home that my leg seemed to feel stronger – less… different from  my other leg. And this morning, for the first time, my knee did not feel stiff or achey when I got out of bed… It may only be a fluke or it may be because of the weather changing – but a relatively pain-free morning is such a wonderful new experience that I had to share!!!!  Maybe… just maybe… life may be starting to settle into something that can be tweaked a bit and known as “normal!”


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