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A Give-Away!!!

There’s a give-away brewing over at “BumbleBeans!”  I just had to share, because 1) it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted anything on here and 2) this is just about the cutest bag I’ve ever seen!


So hurry on over to BumbleBeans and answer this question:

In my dreams, if I’m not sewing, I’m _____________________________… It looks like she’s been gardening because she has all these gorgeous pictures of a lush garden – it’s been so dry here that everyones’ gardens just turned brown and blew away. So I’ll just keep following her blog and continue to have both garden envy and string envy… <VBG> It’s amazing that she’s got that cool of a garden all while living in NYC!!!!

Run, now, run! The give-away ends August 1!!!!


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