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Liz Vining   12/22/1959 - 8/18/2009

Liz Vining 12/22/1959 - 8/18/2009



Today has been a day for reflection.  My prayers are with her family. My heart hurts, but knows that Liz is not suffering – rather, she is resting in God’s loving embrace.  And I believe that I will have to celebrate our shared birthday for both of us each year, just before Christmas. 

Then I remembered this poem, which I found as a newspaper clipping, tucked away in my mother’s wallet, after she was gone… And thought this was an appropriate place to save it.



To Those I Love

 If I should ever leave you whom I love

To go along the Silent Way,

grieve not,

Nor speak of me with tears,

but laugh and talk

Of me as if I were beside you there.

(I’d come  – I’d come,

could I but find a way!

But would not tears and grief

be barriers?)

And when you hear a song

or see a bird

I loved, please do not let

the thought of me

Be sad…For I am

loving you just as

I always have…

you were so good to me!

There are so many things

I wanted still

To do – so many things

to say to you…

Remember that I

did not fear…It was

Just leaving you

That was so hard to face…

We cannot see Beyond…

But this I know:

I loved you so – ‘twas heaven

Here with you!

– Isla Paschal Richardson

Good night, my friend. We’ll see you in the sunrise!


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A Give-Away!!!

There’s a give-away brewing over at “BumbleBeans!”  I just had to share, because 1) it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted anything on here and 2) this is just about the cutest bag I’ve ever seen!


So hurry on over to BumbleBeans and answer this question:

In my dreams, if I’m not sewing, I’m _____________________________… It looks like she’s been gardening because she has all these gorgeous pictures of a lush garden – it’s been so dry here that everyones’ gardens just turned brown and blew away. So I’ll just keep following her blog and continue to have both garden envy and string envy… <VBG> It’s amazing that she’s got that cool of a garden all while living in NYC!!!!

Run, now, run! The give-away ends August 1!!!!

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A little cloud… a little silver lining

Well, Monday came, and when I got to work and called home, as usual, to say I’d made the commute safely… I got a recording that said “this number is not in service… if you feel that you’ve reached this number by mistake, please hang up and try again”…. Well, I was pretty sure that the reason was because yesterday was the day when we were to get high speed broadband internet, and digital phone service…. and for much of the day, evidently, DH and the phone people spent some quality time on his cellphone trying to talk through this thing…. end result, we now have lightening fast internet – well, sometimes it is and sometimes it’s hard to tell there’s been a change… and we also have a computer desk (mine) that lost the castors off one end, and it’s very disconcerting to type while you are holding the keyboard tray ever so slightly to prevent it from sliding back into the desk… while looking at a monitor that has a strange list to the right – sorta looks like the Titanic did shortly before…. well – you know what happened to the Titanic!!!!

And I don’t know whether it’s our ever changing weather or whether something magical, called healing, is finally taking place inside my knee. After our Sunday drive, in search of bluebonnets, my foot swelled up something awful – spent the rest of the day with it elevated as high as… well, you know that story too… and Monday morning it was good as new. I spent much of Monday at work with it elevated a bit, as well… and noticed when I got home that my leg seemed to feel stronger – less… different from  my other leg. And this morning, for the first time, my knee did not feel stiff or achey when I got out of bed… It may only be a fluke or it may be because of the weather changing – but a relatively pain-free morning is such a wonderful new experience that I had to share!!!!  Maybe… just maybe… life may be starting to settle into something that can be tweaked a bit and known as “normal!”

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High Ho… It’s Off To Work I Go

Just a quick update, with no pictures to make it interesting or anything… This could have been titled “February Went the Same Place as January” but it won’t be.

Mid-way through my knee rehab, I had to have my knee aspirated and went almost back to square one in the healing process.  The wonderful Nurse Practitioner at my Ortho Clinic worked with me to teach me how to get the persistent swelling down,  and advised that, because of the osteoarthritis of the knee, it could just take quite a long time for the knee to heal completely. I’ve managed to get it to the point that she agreed I could return to work, with pretty strict light duty restrictions, and she re-injected the visco-supplementation stuff they washed out in the ‘scope and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! The first go round was sheer torture – likely because the little particles in the viscosupplementation stuff (ground up rooster combs or whatever it is) got wedged in under the tears I turned out to have in my meniscus. This time, I iced and elevated as directed, and had 2 almost completely pain free days. What a change!!!!

But I must go get my lunch packed, and gather all the things I need to take with me  to make it through a day with this knee, like my cane, ice pack, ace wrap, and the work releases… And find my truck keys – they would likely come in handy!!!!

Wish me luck.

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Where did January go???

The following post will make more sense, if you read it with the following information:

For the past 2+ weeks, I’ve been mostly “in my nest” on the corner of our sofa, with my leg elevated and iced. Well, in the past week, it has come down for trips to the physical terrorist (sorry Jeff – you really aren’t so bad, and I know that you are doing this torture stuff for my own good!)… I have not been completely incommunicado, because I’ve had my DH’s old laptop, but sometimes it and I do NOT communicate too well. So, I started a blog post back on January 13 – 5 days after having 2 meniscus tears repaired, and other flotsam and jetsam cleaned out of my knee, but it disappeared into the bowels of the laptop without letting me know that it’d been saved as a draft… And there was no wonder my knee hurt so much – there were way too many “tenants” in a single tenant dwelling. So without further ado, I’ll leave you to read the slightly zany, slightly drug induced ramblings from back then, so I don’t have to re-write the whole dumb thing:

Wow – how did it get to be 2009 already? I suppose when one is distracted by getting a vehicle repaired, and dealing with work while coping with knee pain, time just sneaks past you.

Yes – the knee thing is official. I had the arthroscopy on my knee last Thursday, and I didn’t have a torn meniscus. I had TWO tears. Both of those have now been “repaired” and, unfortunately, the other diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the kneecap has been confirmed. Doc told my DH that I will eventually need knee replacement surgery – could be 2 years but could be 20. I’ll opt for the 20 year plan, thank you very much.

Now I’m busy with what I describe as “Combat Knitting.” Because of allergies to some analgesics, and a chemical resistance to others, pain relief seems to be an issue. So I have taken up sock knitting. Because I must concentrate on the pattern in knitting, I have learned that I can knit my way through some of the pain. In my head I chant “one more row – one more round….” I’ll take something for pain when I finish this section – and before I know it, I’ve gone past my “mini-goal” and haven’t had to take anything more than the anti-inflammatories that I’m suppose to take on a regular basis.

That concludes the ramblings of a deranged knee-repair victem… and, if I can find it in this computer, I’ll share a picture of the first of my sock knitting successes. I called them “Grinch Socks” because, while just learning to knit socks, I certainly did NOT want to waste money on yarn when I have boxes of the stuff in the closet. I just didn’t have a lot of variety in the baby or sport weight, and nothing in “sock weight”… But the Grinch Socks do keep my feet warm, as long as I have another pair of “real” socks underneath to keep them from slipping off my feet! And I’ve almost finished a pair of much prettier socks, done in Baby Bernat Jacquards “Easter Basket” yarn. But you’ll just have to come back and see those next time. Look for them labelled “Bobbie’s Knee Socks” – they are only anklets, but…well… there’s this knee thing that I have working here LOL

First Ever Completed "Grinch" sock

First Ever Completed "Grinch" sock

Oh yes, you must excuse the attire – I only had a few pairs of PJ pants that would fit over the lovely foot to thigh bandage that I came home with, and had to endure for 3 full days… What a relief it was to get that thing off!

Later~~~~ I have a pretty sock to finish knitting!

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