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Hurricane Survival Tip #1

Do not murder, mangle or otherwise mutilate your spouse when he decides to make a “funny” blog post about the “outhouse” he created after the hurricane. Instead, post a link to his post, so the less-refined visitors to YOUR blog can chose, or NOT, to visit his blog, and see the contraption that he rigged up when our septic system stopped working. Oh yeah, that was about 1am September 13 – when the power went off, long before the storm got bad up here in Montgomery County.

None of the comforts of home!

None of the comforts of home!


Anyway, if you have a morbid sense of curiosity, check out Squawkbox’s handywork, immortalized over on his blog. Or not. LOL

It’s been a month sense Ike came, and went… and I don’t miss “him” at all!


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